Words are better when they're written down.

Heya.  I'm Emmanuel Go.  If you're looking for a brief summary of me as a person, there's one at my other site.

This is my online journal.  I don't keep one because I feel I have anything particularly important to say, anything that'll alter anyone's life in any significant way, but because some people seem to get a kick out of reading it.  Though, admittedly, there are those who feel quite the opposite.

I've kept a journal since... my birthday [11 January], 1995, I think.  But those early entries exist only on paper.  In marbled black-and-white, Mead composition notebooks, of course.  I started keeping the journal on computer sometime in 1997, but when the old 486 decided to die I saved those entries to disks, which I promptly misplaced.  Maybe they'll turn up someday.

I started the online journal during my senior year of high school, though the posts only came about once a month.  It picked up during my sophomore year of college.  I was posting multiple times each day, but a lot of those posts were simply fragments of thoughts, without much explanation.  If you were to ask me what one meant, I probably couldn't help you anymore.  Posts are less frequent now, because I've stopped posting surveys and other such nonsense [for the most part] and only post when I feel I have something of substance to say.

So, to take some lines from Stroke 9:  These're my hands, my faults, my plans, my nasty little thoughts.  I wrote them down for you to contemplate at a later date.