Alone at last, just nostalgia and I.  We were sure to have a blast.

28-AUG-2008 03:56
As most might know, I'm currently driving across the country with Lacy.  She's keeping her own record. We've made it about two hundred miles in a week.  Not far, but then, we have no real schedule.  I imagine this is how the rest of the trip's going to go: we know where we are, and we have a vague idea of where we'll be tomorrow.  If it were me alone, I wouldn't have either, I'm sure.  Which is, I guess, both good and bad.

I've never brought this up with Lacy, and I suppose this is my passive-aggressive way of doing so.  Scratch the aggressive.  Our reasons for this trip... I don't think are the same.  When originally tabled, it seemed it was a last hurrah, a trip across the country before she moved to California [indeed, it was to get her car to California].  Over time, for her, it seems to have evolved [or devolved] into just meeting up with whomever and seeing the sites Weird [insert state here] would review, which I really have no interest in.

For me... well, I've seen too many road movies and read Into the Wild a few too many times.  This is more about self-discovery for me.  Self-realization.  Shit, that sounds too new-age-y.  Who I am, who I want to be, what I've done, and how I can get past it.  Well, now it just sounds emo.  Am I emo?  I certainly was in college.  Maybe I am now.  Maybe that's just who I am.

As a Guitar Hero loading screen attests, "It all comes out on the road."  What have I found, so far, on this trip?  My acquaintances are just that, and I never had any closer friends than the ones I had when I was young.

But there are a few intersections between Lacy's route and mine: one of them comes tomorrow.  I figured I should be sober for it, but she said I should be social, and those two tend to be mutually exclusive.