Here's the bright end of nowhere.  Here's the results of all our days.

23-OCT-2007 03:29
Why don't I write?  Because I feel I have nothing interesting to say.  I think I'm essentially still the same person I was when I wrote a lot of this site.  I could write the same post pining about some girl, or despairing at being alone forever, or drinking myself stupid.  But who wants to read that again?  I don't suppose anyone expects this to be some ongoing saga of my growth as a person... but I don't have any particular interest in repeating myself.

Here.  Status.  Still living at home.  No girl, no surprise.  Job?  I don't even know myself.

So.  This is me.  My life is... boring.  I want it to change.  I just don't know in what way.  Or how to do it.