12·05·01 Very Early Morning

05-DEC-2001 00:00
Children, some brief observations on drunkenness [...] A predominantly adult phenomenon. The very young, by and large, don't. Don't have to. Because children don't need to feel they are once again like children... How it makes the world seem like a toy. How it makes the bad seem not so bad. How it makes reality seem not so really real...
« Tom Crick, Waterland »

I'm not a child, but I dislike the thought of being an adult.

12·05·01 Dawn

05-DEC-2001 05:00
Just take my hand
Show me how this all fits in your plan
That I don't need you, I just need to
      Feel, how does it feel
      To crush the world in two
      One last time, 'cause I'm
      So wasted
Feel, how does it feel
To scream without a sound
One more time, 'cause I'm
So wasted...
« Zebrahead, "Wasted" »

I'm sitting in the CCC lab, using a part of my ass to help work on the GDC site. I've been doing this since two am. I left the company of Lindsay around half past midnight... not voluntarily, of course. She was tired. So she went to sleep and I wandered campus for a while. Went back, and got drafted. And after redesigning the CMS [Club Management System] site, we resumed working on the forums page. Sun's coming up, and here we are. I don't know when I'm going to sleep... Okay. Back to the [other] site.