11·23·01 Very Early Morning

23-NOV-2001 00:00
Rain fall from concrete coloured skies
No, boy, don't speak now, you just drive
Drive, take me through, make me feel alive
« Bic Runga, "Drive" »

So I had another dream, lying in bed just now. I saw a Chevrolet ad, the one that shows off their current lineup of cars. For some reason, I like the Impala. But not the recent one. The old-ass Impala, the kind that the orange Nickelodeon car was back in the day. That thing was fuckin' sweet. The dream was essentially me and the object of my obsession out for a drive in the rain. It was almost enough to make me want to get my license.

Yeah. At the moment I have neither permit nor license, though I'm old enough. So why haven't I undergone this rite of passage that most teens jump at? Driving scares me. I'm afraid that I'll get in the car, floor it, smash into a brick wall or a tree or something. Or I'll go really easy on the gas and be honked and yelled at by other drivers. Or that I'll break a car some other way, by shifting when I'm not supposed to or parking the wrong way on a hill... Yeah. I'm a tad paranoid. A tad.

Too hard on the brakes again
What if these brakes just give in
What if the car loses control
What if there's someone 'round the corner
I'm going out for a little drive
It could be the last time you see me alive
There could be an idiot on the road
The only kick in his life is pumping his steel
« Radiohead, "Killer Cars" [live in Holland] »

Of course, there is also the fact that I'm almost 18 and I need state-issued or military ID to buy cigarettes.