11·21·01 Very Early Morning

21-NOV-2001 00:00
Another lonely seaside town
Where the season's closed it down
But if you close your eyes
You can almost hear the sounds of crowds gone by...
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I'm back in Jersey for Thanksgiving break. So far, home sucks. But that's to be expected. Soon people will be home, and it'll be more fun. But for now, all I've got is late night network TV. Ugh. Dating shows and Springer. And let's not forget the informercials.

11·21·01 Pre-Dawn

21-NOV-2001 03:00
{img} Go talk to her, Joe.  Come on, talk to Ceilidh.  Joe, talk to her.  Joe.  Come on man, talk to her.  *sip*  If you weren't me, Joe, I'd have beaten the snot out of you by now.

I saw her twice again today, or rather, yesterday. Tuesday. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, read down a bit more. 11·16·01 Pre-Dawn, to be specific.

First time today I was leaving MA2431 [Mathematical Modeling with Ordinary Different Equations], walking down from the third floor of Stratton Hall. Something felt odd, so I turned around in the middle of the stairway, and she's there. Kind of blankly staring at me the way I imagine anyone would, if the person walking down the stairs in front of them suddenly turned and stared at them. I don't know how long I stood there, but eventually I kept walking. Once I got to the bottom, I started for the door. I turned again and she was gone. Freaky.

Second time was just before I left Worcester. I was by the door to the stairs of Morgan Hall, gawking at Lindsay. Lindsay was wearing a dress, a rare sight. Of course, it'd happened thrice in the last few days. But it was the first time I'd seen her in a dress. She looked good. Yeah, but anyway. We're standing by the door to the stairs. And I hear someone walk up behind me and use the callbox. Out of curiosity, I turn. It's her again. I stare for a second. I hit Lindsay and gesture. I don't think she [she, not Lindsay] looked at me, but since I was frantic and about two feet away from her, I'm sure she noticed. But she went up to the third floor, came down with Bo-bo [a guy I know from the local Counter-Strike games and hung out with a few times]. They left. I don't know... but once again, I'll assume she's dating him. I'll ask Bo what her name is, if I remember to once I'm back on the LAN.

People keep telling me to talk to her. And I know I should. This amount of obsession isn't healthy. But I don't even know what I'd talk to her about. "Uh, yeah, I see you around campus a lot. What's your name?" I suppose both being DJs for the radio station would be some kind of starting point. But I don't even know about that; I'm not deeply involved in the station. Damn my lack of conversational skills.