11·17·01 Pre-Dawn

17-NOV-2001 03:00
Striking like a bird of prey along your notepad, now
The only ear that turns your way
My dear diary, it's just you and me tonight
You don't love me, aren't thinking of me
You don't love me, aren't thinking of me tonight
Why am I waiting for you to see I'm alive?
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11·17·01 Night

17-NOV-2001 19:00
I said, you know me, I'm not the one
Waiting on your setting sun
You know me, like everyone
To be someone, not anyone...
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Yep, it's very heart-warming indeed to feel needed. But it makes you feel like complete shit when you're not.

Felt like one of those proverbial extra wheels with some people just now. So I left. And I'm sure none of them knows me well enough, or cares enough, to pursue.