11·11·01 Very Early Morning

11-NOV-2001 00:00
All my friends and lovers
Will leave me alone
To try to have a little fun...
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Today [or yesterday... whatever, I'm talkin' about Saturday] sucked. I woke up at eleven am. And that's way too early for any day, even worse on a weekend. And I check my messages. I got seven from Lindsay, telling me to wake up at get to work, and not leave her alone with Dan and Jake. Which she wouldn't have been. So I get up, shower, etc., get over there. She's nowhere to be found. Damn. That was disappointing. So I help set up with Lens 'N' Lights people, and sort of help the WWPI people too. When there was a lull in activity, I left to go find Lindsay.

And where was she? Asleep. Apparently her date ran a tad late. [Until 10am. Hearing that was kind of... the exact opposite of a pick-me-up.] So she was tired. She'd IMed me to wake up, then went to bed. I didn't make her come with me, but she did. We returned, and were bored. And were bored some more... yep. Then Justin [her boy] showed up. So I went and hung with the other security people... and that was at least better than hanging around where I was. I am really beginning to not like couples. Hearing about them, talking to them while they're together, or seeing them... what have you. A while later Lindsay and Justin left. So I sat around some more. And some more. Played a little cards. Chatted about cute girls with other security guys. Won a DVD player. Helped take down the equipment.

I was supposed to go drinking with these guys from LnL. I was to go back to my place to drop the DVD player, then they'd come by before heading out. That was an hour ago. They're not coming. I am pissed. And depressed. And I need alcohol badly. And that I'm not getting any alcohol makes me more pissed.

Do you remember in elementary school, when everyone started having hormones and people paired off? Were you one of the ones left alone? If you weren't, then don't talk to me. It sucked. Hard. I hate it when history repeats.

11·11·01 Early Afternoon

11-NOV-2001 13:00
Ever have to cauterize your own wounds?