10·29·01 Early Afternoon

29-OCT-2001 13:00
"Sometimes I wonder if you're here to learn, or what..."
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So if you're one of those people who I nagged about seeing my site as I constantly reworked it, you might be going, "What the hell did you do, you crazy-ass fool?" Well, let's see what happened. Last term, I poked and prodded at the site nonstop. I wasn't satisfied, and I wasted a lot of time that I should have spent, oh, say... doing schoolwork. Of course I also wasted a lot of time playing Counter-Strike, too. I ended up failing two of the three classes I was taking. Three out of four, if you count Karate. That's, like, what? A couple thousand, or a couple tens of thousands of my parents' hard-earned dollars wasted. And at this rate, I'm going to need at least another term to graduate. Or I could overload a few terms. But still. So by reverting the site to a basic state and sticking with it, I'll spend less time fiddling with it. And hopefully I'll pass more classes this term. Back to the basics.

10·29·01 Late Night

29-OCT-2001 22:00
I don't know why, but people are aggravating me right now. Well, not all people. Tonight my roommates and I got along surprisingly well. But most AIM interactions today have been lackluster. The people I've been talking to seem a bit too cold and distant today, and I'm just not in the mood to deal with it. I'm going to bed. Yeah. Before midnight. And you know that's damned early for me.