Would you like that? Would you like to ride with Batman?

01-AUG-2008 02:41
I dreamt, last night, that I was Batman.  And there was some strange shit, like me playing soccer with some kids.  But near the end, I was Bruce Wayne and at home, and there was a knock on the door.  I opened it, and there were some heavies, clearly looking to start shit.  So I threw the door wide and kicked at the lead one.

And then I woke up, because I just kicked the wall as hard as I could.

This is a good segue into this story about some Canadian guy stabbing the kid next to him on the bus.  To death.  Lacy and I were talking about what we would do in the presence of a knife-wielding maniac.

Lacy's take was fairly straightforward.  Rush him.  Lacy's screennames have evoked superheroes such as Wonder Woman, so... it's not unexpected.

Me, I'm a more pragmatic [read: cowardly] sort...

[00:51:43] Lacy: I dunno man, I think in situations like that people should be able to do something.
[00:51:47] Lacy: One man with a knife...
[00:51:52] Lacy: versus fifty or so passengers?
[00:51:58] Lacy: I mean, c'mon.
[00:52:04] EGo: Sure, I'd like to think I'd do something...
[00:52:14] EGo: But realistically, I lack the bravery.
[00:54:57] Lacy: I dunno, have you ever been in a situation anything like that?
[00:55:02] EGo: No.
[00:55:05] Lacy: Even just having to run and get help for any reason?
[00:55:19] EGo: I've watched a truck go amok on the highway.
[00:55:30] EGo: And I ran up and helped the people in the cars he hit.
[00:55:35] EGo: But that's entirely different.
[00:56:07] EGo: That is a relatively calm situation wherein I am not personally threatened.
[00:56:35] Lacy: What do you mean?
[00:56:40] Lacy: I think it's similiar.
[00:56:47] EGo: I mean the truck had gone past, wrecking these cars.
[00:57:04] EGo: By the time I got to them, it's not like the big rig is going to pull a U-turn and come back.
[00:57:13] Lacy: True.
[00:57:15] Lacy: When was this?
[00:57:21] EGo: When I worke? at BMS.
[00:57:34] EGo: Some guys and I went down Rt.1 a bit for lunch.
[00:58:00] EGo: We walked out of the place and some of us started to smoke, so we were standing there when there was a crash
[00:58:11] EGo: We look over to the highway, and a truck had slammed into a car.
[00:58:14] EGo: And kept going...
[00:58:18] EGo: Into other cars.
[00:58:42] EGo: I think eventually he scraped against the concrete barrier to a stop.
[00:58:45] EGo: He was asleep.
[00:59:34] Lacy: Jesus.
[00:59:41] Lacy: DRINK MOAR CALFINEE
[00:59:42] EGo: No one was seriously hurt.
[00:59:46] EGo: Thankfully.
[00:59:49] Lacy: Yes.
[00:59:57] EGo: Cars were well smashed, though.
[00:59:58] Lacy: But still--you booked it out to see if people needed help.
[01:00:11] EGo: Yep, got the 911 on it, too.
[01:00:23] Lacy: So, still.
[01:00:36] Lacy: Not the same as stopping someone with a knife, but good enough.
[01:00:42] EGo: I would run and get help, but faced with a knife guy...
[01:01:08] EGo: I'd run and get others, probably.
[01:01:18] Lacy: What if I was there and I tried to stop him?
[01:01:21] Lacy: I bet you'd help.
[01:01:24] EGo: Maybe if someone else rushed him first, I'd help, but...
[01:01:28] EGo: See, I was typing that.
[01:02:01] EGo: But being the first to jump in there, not so much.
[01:02:01] Lacy: Yeah.  Exactly.
[01:02:06] Lacy: Then you can be hero by proxy.
[01:02:20] EGo: Yay, proxy.
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