12·07·01 Pre-Dawn

07-DEC-2001 03:00
There are so many things
We need so desperately
And the TV preaches
We can't live without them
You tell me what is neat
I'll tell you what I believe
If I ever were without it
Then I'd be worthless...
« Stabbing Westward, "The Only Thing" »

I guess the song's talking about commercialism, and that's not really what I mean. A more appropriate quote would be Tyler Durden's middle-children-of-history speech, or Lindsay's "fuck life" rant. But I like Stabbing Westward, and the song was playing when I started writing.

Anyway. Sometimes movies can cheer me up. But sometimes they just leave me feeling empty inside and envious of the characters.

... Stigmata's just not one of those envy-/emptiness-evoking movies, though.