12·05·01 Dawn

05-DEC-2001 05:00
Just take my hand
Show me how this all fits in your plan
That I don't need you, I just need to
      Feel, how does it feel
      To crush the world in two
      One last time, 'cause I'm
      So wasted
Feel, how does it feel
To scream without a sound
One more time, 'cause I'm
So wasted...
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I'm sitting in the CCC lab, using a part of my ass to help work on the GDC site. I've been doing this since two am. I left the company of Lindsay around half past midnight... not voluntarily, of course. She was tired. So she went to sleep and I wandered campus for a while. Went back, and got drafted. And after redesigning the CMS [Club Management System] site, we resumed working on the forums page. Sun's coming up, and here we are. I don't know when I'm going to sleep... Okay. Back to the [other] site.