12·03·01 Morning

03-DEC-2001 09:00
I'm carrying the weight
The weight of the world
That doesn't want to wait for me
It spins me all around
And then it spits me out
Recycled like a christmas tree
      You picked me up
      When no one would
      Come kiss me, baby, it's all good
      You're doing it again
      The way you always could
      And now everything is understood
« Lit, "Everything's Cool" »

I wish I had a girl like that... [insert rimshot here]

Okay, so that wasn't really an attempt at humor as much as a plaintive cry.

I'm trying hard not to make history go in circles. Today I'm tempted more than ever. I've got to be strong. I can't waste another year dealing with dumbass mistakes.

You can tell when you have no chance dating a female friend of yours when you go out, and she talks about boys with you as if you cared.
« p2, Girls Suck »

Well, in case Lindsay eventually gets around to reading this: I don't not care. [insert hug here] I don't want you to stop talking to me, either.

I've got a regular problem
So my standard break from life is in order
I'm having trouble making sentences
I'm older, but I don't feel any smarter
You see, I don't know what I said to you
And now you're pissed at you-know-who
And I guess I deserve it
I wish I could waste my time without wasting all your time
« Alkaline Trio, "My Standard Break From Life" »

Alright. Back to work with me.