11·28·01 Pre-Dawn

28-NOV-2001 03:00
A sort of disclaimer:

All men aren't "potential rapists." I'm not a potential rapist.

But, I am a potential murderer if all of you don't shut the fuck up and get out of my face already.
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I want to go back to the topic of my friend with the girlfriend problems...

"I learned something very valuable... Well, two things... One: I always want what I can't have... and never want what I can... Two: I'm turned on by girls in distress... emotionally... that I can help."

"I think a lot of guys feel that knight-in-shining-armor call."
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Is it because of nature or nurture that guys are attracted to damsels in distress? Do we really have some kind of instinct to protect females, or is it something that we develop because society teaches us it should be so? Like I implied before, atruism is a noble cause. But why are we drawn to girls and women who need our help, then once we've helped and they're self-sufficient again, the attraction's gone?

I had a problem with this about a month and a half ago. I'd gone to a show late in the summer with some friends. And one of my friends almost got smothered during the stage rush. So we left the pit, and that was the beginning of my crush on her. Which was bad, because she was happily involved with someone already. I'd expected her to be already taken, so the disappointment wasn't great. But up until early October I was still holding onto a glimmer of hope that somehow, it'd work out with the two of us.

Mother fucker. I shouldn't write while under the influences. I never end up going anywhere. Of course, even when sober I don't really go anywhere. ... Sorry.