11·27·01 Morning

27-NOV-2001 09:00
Caught without people or drink, I don't know what else to think. But I'm going to grow wings, and sing, "Amen, I'm checking out."
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I am so going to fail PH2202 [Intermediate Mechanics II]. I was sitting here, trying to understand what the fuck we're covering. The chapter's called "Noninertial Systems and Fictitious Forces". Of course, I didn't understand the last two chapters we covered, "Angular Momentum and Fixed Axis Rotation" and "Rigid Body Motion". Damned rotation.

... Oh, lovely... I'm half an hour late to class. This class, in fact. Ah, fuck it.

Don't leave me sitting here
Don't take me for a ride
Freedom's just another drink, don't leave me hangin' dry
      Step right up and be a man
      On your knees and pray
      Freedom's just another open bottle, anyway
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I need to get plastered tonight.