11·25·01 Later That Very Early Morning

25-NOV-2001 00:15
One more silent victory
« Living End, "Silent Victory" »

Last night in New Jersey. Hung out with people here. It was mostly fun. And the parts that weren't... well... sometimes a little salt is good for a wound.

Forgetting erases the black mark from your soul, but makes you more prone to receiving the same mark again. Learning allows the mark to heal, with a scar, a reminder so that you may learn from what you did.
« Brian Spurling »

I'm going to go lie in bed, and ponder the lessons my scars have imparted upon me. And I'll continue to think about whether more harm than help would be done by acting on my obsession. Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who's given me advice.

And I've been having doubts about talking to her... but not out of nervousness. I've been thinking of a particular passage of Burning Chrome by William Gibson. But since my copy's about two hundred miles away, I'm unable to quote it at the moment.