11·22·01 Pre-Dawn

22-NOV-2001 03:00
I need a chance
A second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance
A word, a signal, a nod, a little breath
Just to fool myself
Catch myself, to make it real...
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So I think I've determined that, after break, I will talk to this girl. If I can think of something to say. Says Lindsay: "i would start with 'hello' and then go from there... or perhaps, 'hi' or 'hey'" A good idea. Except when I picture the situation in my mind, I somehow get her attention, and stand there frozen, choking on a simple greeting. And that's assuming I get her attention. What am I to do? Gesture? Tap her shoulder? The thought of making physical contact makes me all aflush.

Shit. I so haven't thought this out.