11·22·01 Very Early Morning

22-NOV-2001 00:00
But there's snow on your cheek
And the light's getting weak
Don't you think we should turn around
Yeah, the wind's coming up
And I know that you're tough
It's a long way into town...
« Superchunk, "Pink Clouds" »

I was listening to that song, and I had a daydream. [Well, at 2am, I suppose it's just a normal dream, but I'm conscious. As far as I know, anyway.] Not an uncommon occurence. I was there, and she was there. And there was snow, don't you know. [I'm not trying to rhyme, I swear.] And she was kinda red-cheeked and cuter than usual. I touched her cheek and she smiled. And shivered slightly. Which was even more cute, if that's possible.

It's Thursday. Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? My imagination. Sometimes I can take solace in it.